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The 5 Best Surf Movies Out There!
North of The Sun surf movie Scandinavia
The 5 Best Surf Movies Out There!

We represent you: the 5 best surf movies out there! You may want to get into the surf vibe before you join one of our surf camps in Fuerteventura, or you just watch them on our TV in the living room together with some new friends! Read on for the five best surf movies!

Riding Giants

This movie is by far on the top of our list. Riding Giants talks about the multigenerational insider’s look at the origins of surfing, the birth of the surf culture, and the mythology and lure of the big wave. It is the first authentic film about the history of surfing originating from the humble Hawaiian beginnings, to the multi billion business we know it as today. The movie is a study in individuality and freedom, and gives detailed knowledge of the surfing lifestyle, its icons and locations, its exploitation by the media, and its fascination by people from all over the world.

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North of the Sun

This movie is a bit less well known, but is in our opinion one of the most amazing movies made. Inge Wegge (25) and Jørn Ranum (22) spent nine months in the cold Norwegian winter in the isolated and uninhabited bay of a remote arctic island by the coast of Northern-Norway, facing nothing but the vast Atlantic Ccean. They built a cabin out of driftwood and other materials that washed up on shore. Besides that they ate expired food that the stores would otherwise have thrown away. However, the most important thing that the guys brought with them were their surfboards! This bay has some of the worlds best surfing waves.

Amazing surf movie north of the sun

Chasing Mavericks

As you can see, we love documentaries or true stories. Chasing Mavericks is the inspirational true story of the real life surf phenomenon Jay Moriarity. The 15 year old boy discovered that the mythical Mavericks surfing break, one of the biggest waves on Earth, is located only a few miles from his home in Santa Cruz. Local Legend Frosty helps him embark on their quest to surf this incredible wave. In the process of training, they form an incredible friendship that transformed both their lives, and their mission to surf Mavericks becomes far more than about surfing.

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The September Sessions

Directed by Jack Johnson, this documentary is a surf movie from 2002 filmed in 16mm. Kelly Slater asked Jack Johnson to accompany him on a trip to Indonesia. The cast live in a retired Japanese coastguard cutter. Jack films Kelly and other surfers including Rob Machado and Shane Dorian as they surfed amazing waves off the coast of Sumatra. It is interesting in the movie to see how Jack captures how Kelly is going through a major change in his life, since he first retired from the ASP circuit. He fell into the trap of never ending trade shows, store openings, and poster signings. When Jack wasn’t surfing himself, he captured the rebirth of Kelly. A total must-watch.

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Surf’s Up

The last movie we recommend is quite different from all the movies we have mentioned before, just because we can! It is an animated mockumentary names Surf’s Up, featuring a penguin that has big wave dreams. It pulls of humor, sentiment, and some pretty epic surf scenes. This is a kid-friendly movie on our list of movies, but can still be enjoyed by older people due to the humor as well.