Calle el Medano 14 - Corralejo - Fuerteventura - Spain
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New Years eve in Corralejo

What to do for New Years in Corralejo; bring 12 grapes! So, you arrived on Fuerteventura and made your way up to Corralejo to spent New Years evening here. But what is there to do except for enjoying the weather, surfing and going out for dinner or a party in the evening. The place to be on New Years evening is the Music Square (Plaza Felix Estevez) in the town of Corralejo. People celebrate outside and it is all about togetherness. There will be fireworks at midnight overlooking the ocean. Around 1:00 ‘o clock the bars will open also for you to have a party celebrating the New Year. The Kiwi bar in town for example. You can have a 3-course dinner also, but make sure to call the restaurant first if they have open spots. As well you might pay more than usual. If you are going to the Music Square make sure to bring 12 grapes to eat a grape with every strike that the clock will make during midnight. According to Spanish tradition it is supposed to bring good luck. Enjoy your night and HAPPY NEW YEAR from Surf Riders!  

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Vegan Vegan Vegan

Where and what to eat in Corralejo Where could you eat when you are not a meatlover, or when you are a vegan or vegetarian. On Fuerteventura, Corralejo, you will be very happy. Many surfcamps are popping out of the ground, but also many vegan restaurants! There are also a lot of restaurants that display meat in their window, but eating vegan is much more upcoming it seems. Here is a top 3 of restaurants / cafe´s, to go have a vegan bite when you are on holidays in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. H20 is a juice bar and vegan cafe that has a very colourful interior. You become instantly very happy when you are going to eat something there. It is a small restaurant with lovely people working there. The prices are perfectly fine for what you get. A restaurant where I have been eating myself is ´Sanus´. It is booked out quickly so make sure you make a reservation. It is a 100% gluten free restaurant and has things like ´broccoli rice´ on the menu. It is a very ´clean´ restaurant with lots of white. Didn´t come across as very cosy to me, but the food is wonderful. My favorite […]

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Three Best Surf Spots near El Cotillo

What are the best surf spots near El Cotillo, Corrajelo? Read about the best spots El Cotillo has to offer below. El Cotillo is only a 20 minute drive from Corralejo.

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Three Hitchhike Tips for Spain/Fuerteventura

An interesting way to get around the island is to hitchhike! Have you never hitchhiked before? Fuerteventura is an amazing starting point since the distances are small.

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6 Best free activities Fuerteventura has to offer

What are the best free activities Fuerteventura has to offer? Read about the possible free activities that you can do on this beautiful island below.

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What to do in Lobos in a day – Fuerteventura Activities

Lobos is a cute and authentic island near Fuerteventura. Here are some suggestions about what to do when you visit Lobos for a day!

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