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How to make friends in a hostel

How to make friends in a hostel Some of us are very social beings. We talk easily to others, can connect very easily. Always know a subject to talk about and are easy in making new friends. But that doesn’t go for everyone. Maybe you are someone who finds it hard to talk to strangers, doesn’t know what to say, finds it hard to deal with silences or stumbles upon words when someone asks a question. If you are the last one, here are some tips to more easily make contact with your fellow travelers. Common grounds Find something that you are both interested in to talk about. Find a common ground. People always love to talk about their passions, or something where their interest lies. What could that be for example when you are staying in a surf hostel. I’ll make it very easy for you: surfing! You could for example start with these questions: – Hey, how was your day? + Fine, and yours? This is the moment that you think.. okay.. what should I talk about now?! – Mine was nice. Did you go surfing today? + Yes, I did. – Nice, where did you go? / […]

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What´s the origin of the surfers sign? As a (beginner) surfer you might have noticed this hand-sign that people do towards each other when they are out on the water surfing. This sign you make with your pinky finger and your thumb and is called the ´Shaka´. Who invented this sign and why does everyone use it? The Shaka-sign is also called ´Hang-loose´. You can use this sign to show others on the water that you are stoked, to say ´hi´. From Hawaii this sign has been spreading worldwide by surfers who traveled the world. All surfers know this sign and salute each other with it. In Hawaii this sign is used in a lot of different ways, not only on the water. It can be used to say ´cool´, or even ´thanks´. It is a sign of appreciation. A sign of showing love to the other person, like the word ´Aloha´ means in Hawaiian. How to make this sign? It may look easy, which it also is. Hold your hand in loose fit. Then extend your thumb and pinky finger in opposite directions. The back of your hand should face the recipient of the gesture. So the inside of […]

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New Years eve in Corralejo

What to do for New Years in Corralejo; bring 12 grapes! So, you arrived on Fuerteventura and made your way up to Corralejo to spent New Years evening here. But what is there to do except for enjoying the weather, surfing and going out for dinner or a party in the evening. The place to be on New Years evening is the Music Square (Plaza Felix Estevez) in the town of Corralejo. People celebrate outside and it is all about togetherness. There will be fireworks at midnight overlooking the ocean. Around 1:00 ‘o clock the bars will open also for you to have a party celebrating the New Year. The Kiwi bar in town for example. You can have a 3-course dinner also, but make sure to call the restaurant first if they have open spots. As well you might pay more than usual. If you are going to the Music Square make sure to bring 12 grapes to eat a grape with every strike that the clock will make during midnight. According to Spanish tradition it is supposed to bring good luck. Enjoy your night and HAPPY NEW YEAR from Surf Riders!  

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Vegan Vegan Vegan

Where and what to eat in Corralejo Where could you eat when you are not a meatlover, or when you are a vegan or vegetarian. On Fuerteventura, Corralejo, you will be very happy. Many surfcamps are popping out of the ground, but also many vegan restaurants! There are also a lot of restaurants that display meat in their window, but eating vegan is much more upcoming it seems. Here is a top 3 of restaurants / cafe´s, to go have a vegan bite when you are on holidays in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. H20 is a juice bar and vegan cafe that has a very colourful interior. You become instantly very happy when you are going to eat something there. It is a small restaurant with lovely people working there. The prices are perfectly fine for what you get. A restaurant where I have been eating myself is ´Sanus´. It is booked out quickly so make sure you make a reservation. It is a 100% gluten free restaurant and has things like ´broccoli rice´ on the menu. It is a very ´clean´ restaurant with lots of white. Didn´t come across as very cosy to me, but the food is wonderful. My favorite […]

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The bigger the better

I don´t want to surf on that huge thing! You are a beginner at surfing. First day going to the beach to try and catch some waves, you get this huge freaking surfboard to start with. You´re thinking ´what the …?!´, ´how can I ever surf with this monster?´. The bigger boards, 6 to 9 feet, are called fun boards. They have a lot of volume and are made to float. Exactly what you need to begin with to be able to let the board ´float´ on the waves so you can take your time to push yourself up on the board to be able to stand up. These bigger boards are more difficult to take turns with for example, but you don´t have to try that when you are starting to learn how to surf. Let´s begin with just going straight ahead and being able to stand up on the board, or to catch the wave even when you are nervously holding on to the board trying not to lose on your way. The bigger boards have more volume so it will be easier to balance on them (or: not fall off). They are called fun boards, because when the […]

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Summer vs wintersurf on Fuerteventura

The difference in surf between summer and wintertime Fuerteventura means ´Strong wind´. Because there is mostly a quite strong wind on the island, it is known for its wind- and kitesurfing. It also has a lot of beaches for normal surf. The best groundswell you will find is from october until april, so that´s wintertime on Fuerte. But even then sometimes it can be flat. A wetsuit is recommended and also take a sweater, long pants and socks after Sunset surf, it can be chilly from December on. Whenever the surf report says flat, the best chance you will get is the beach ´Esquinzo´. Esquinzo lays in a Canyon and is therefore very consistent with its waves. It has a beach break and is best surfable during low tide, or coming into low. Surfing there yesterday at 18:00 and this morning at 8:00 was great. Be aware that you do have to climb your way down into the canyon, so save a little of energy after surf to be climbing your way back up again. Esquinzo you can reach through El Cotillo or you can take an exit before El Cotillo at El Roque. It will take you over a […]

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Fuerteventura and its cities: La Oliva

From Surf Riders Fuerteventura Hostel want to give special importance to all the cities of Fuerteventura and we intend to get close and show you how is the island where we are.

Let’s start with the municipality of La Oliva, as it is the municipality which we belong and we know best.

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Fuerteventura and its cities: Antigua

Antigua is located in the eastern central area of the island. Geologically, materials fom the different phases of the fomation of the island come to the surface within the municipal boundaies and its lanscape has been shaped by erosion.

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The 5 Best Surf Movies Out There!

Do you miss the sand between your toes, watching the waves, running towards the beach with your surfboard? We get it! Cheer up by watching some of our favourite surf movies!

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Surf camp in Fuerteventura winter – Surf during the Christmas period

Did you know that winter is the best time for surfing in Fuerteventura? The wind drops and the bigger swells arrive to the island. Besides that, the weather is amazing. Read on if you want to know more about our special surf packages!

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