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Fuerteventura and its cities: La Oliva
Fuerteventura and its cities: La Oliva

From Surf Riders Fuerteventura Hostel want to give special importance to all the cities of Fuerteventura and we intend to get close and show you how is the island where we are. Let’s start with the municipality of La Oliva, as it is the municipality which we belong to and we know best.


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The borough of La Oliva covers the north of the island and includes the island of Lobos. Only limits with Puerto del Rosario to the south, because the rest is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

The district has a varied terrain and contains an important diversity of geological materials: outcrops of the Basal Complex; coast cliffs; an impressive salic python, the Tindaya mountain; large plains in the central part, where the municipal capital is based; volcanic cones, such as Montaña de Arena, from which there is an extensive lava flow that runs towards the north and important jables in the north, especially in the Cotillo and Corralejo, whose sand transferred by the wind arrives up to the Isla de Lobos. All this variety makes La Oliva have several protected natural areas: two Natural Parks (Corralejo and Isla de Lobos), two Natural Monuments (Malpais de la Arena and Montaña de Tindaya) and a Protected Landscape (Vallebrón).


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In the past, the economic activity was based mainly in livestock, agriculture and fisheries. But the touristic development of the north, especially Corralejo and, to a lesser extent, El Cotillo, has turned much of the economy towards the services sector. The goat farming still has great relevance and there are several dairies.


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