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Three Hitchhike Tips for Spain/Fuerteventura
Hitchhiking tips Spain, hitchhiking Fuerteventura
Three Hitchhike Tips for Spain/Fuerteventura

Hitchhike Tips Spain – Is hitchhiking in Spain really as hard as people tell you? No, definitely not. It is especially easy in Fuerteventura, where a lot of foreigners live that have hitchhiked themselves. Do you not want to rent a car while you are staying in our hostel in Corralejo? Hitchhiking is the way to go! Besides, it is a fun activity to do besides taking surf lessons.

Can you hitchhike without speaking Spanish? Yes you can, but it is always handy to have some simple sentences in the back of your head to communicate with the locals. Hitchhiking is not a very common concept and is mostly done by foreigners that travel through Spain, however, the Spanish will understand the thumb when you put it up.

Some travellers claim that it is illegal to hitchhike in Spain, which is not the case. It is completely legal to hitchhike in Spain. This myth is a result of a misunderstanding of locals and travellers about the Spanish law that forbids pedestrians walking on a private motorway.


Hitchhike Tips Spain #1

During the “siesta” (from 14:00 to 17:00) there is generally less traffic. The sun is also extremely powerful during these hours – it may be best to avoid hitchhiking around these hours. However, we personally still found it easy to get hitched during these hours of the day.


Hitchhike Tips Spain #2

Speak the local language! In Fuerteventura it is super easy to hitchhike without Spanish, since the distances are rather short. However it always comes in handy to know a couple of phrases and words. We listed some of the phrases below for you. If you want to know more phrases and words to communicate during your hitchhike, be sure to check out this link. It provides basic words and phrases for hitchhikers in Spain.

Habla Usted Ingles? – Do you speak English?

Puede hablar más despacio, por favor? – Could you speak more slowly please?

Va Usted a….. ? – Are you going to … ?

Podría ir con Usted? – Could I go with you?

A dónde va Usted? – Where are you going?


Hitchhike Tips Spain #3

Our last hitchhike tip is to be well prepared. Know where you want to go and take some food and drinks for the way – especially when you decide to go to a deserted beach. Also inform yourself about the best places to be picked up, our staff is more than willing to help with this.