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How to make friends in a hostel
How to make friends in a hostel

How to make friends in a hostel

Some of us are very social beings. We talk easily to others, can connect very easily. Always know a subject to talk about and are easy in making new friends. But that doesn’t go for everyone. Maybe you are someone who finds it hard to talk to strangers, doesn’t know what to say, finds it hard to deal with silences or stumbles upon words when someone asks a question. If you are the last one, here are some tips to more easily make contact with your fellow travelers.

Common grounds
Find something that you are both interested in to talk about. Find a common ground. People always love to talk about their passions, or something where their interest lies. What could that be for example when you are staying in a surf hostel. I’ll make it very easy for you: surfing!

You could for example start with these questions:
– Hey, how was your day?
+ Fine, and yours?
This is the moment that you think.. okay.. what should I talk about now?!
– Mine was nice. Did you go surfing today?
+ Yes, I did.
– Nice, where did you go? / How was the surfing? / What level are you? What type of board did you surf on? Is this your first time surfing?

You see how that works. Find a common subject and there are a lot of questions to ask about that. If the other person is not very talkative you could start telling about your own experience. If the respond is not much. Well.. then you might’ve started a conversations at the wrong time for the other person. Sometimes other people simply don’t want to talk. That’s nothing personal.

Give a compliment
Starting a conversation in a positive way is always a good start. Give someone a compliment. How to do that? ’’I like your sweater’’. It’s as simple as that. Or ‘’you smell nice’’. Okay, the last one might come across a little creepy from a dude to a chick, but the other way around works fine.

Show interest
People simply like to talk about themselves. I didn’t conclude this, research does. Something with our ego’s. But for starting small talk, it works quite well. If you want to start and continue a conversation with someone, ask what they do, what are their passions, what makes tem tick, what kind of food do they like, everything that shows interest in them as a person. You will see that fluently they will start showing interest in you too, which we call ‘a conversation’.

Voila. Even though we could feel anxious about starting a conversation. That is just in the mind. You will see that in reality, it can be very simple. Try!