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What´s the origin of the surfers sign?

As a (beginner) surfer you might have noticed this hand-sign that people do towards each other when they are out on the water surfing. This sign you make with your pinky finger and your thumb and is called the ´Shaka´. Who invented this sign and why does everyone use it?

The Shaka-sign is also called ´Hang-loose´. You can use this sign to show others on the water that you are stoked, to say ´hi´. From Hawaii this sign has been spreading worldwide by surfers who traveled the world. All surfers know this sign and salute each other with it. In Hawaii this sign is used in a lot of different ways, not only on the water. It can be used to say ´cool´, or even ´thanks´. It is a sign of appreciation. A sign of showing love to the other person, like the word ´Aloha´ means in Hawaiian.

How to make this sign? It may look easy, which it also is.

Hold your hand in loose fit. Then extend your thumb and pinky finger in opposite directions. The back of your hand should face the recipient of the gesture. So the inside of your hand will face you. The sign is merely used with a little bit of ´shaking´.

Or just watch a YouTube video how to do a Shaka sign! ;-)