Calle el Medano 14 - Corralejo - Fuerteventura - Spain
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Summer vs wintersurf on Fuerteventura
Summer vs wintersurf on Fuerteventura

The difference in surf between summer and wintertime

Fuerteventura means ´Strong wind´. Because there is mostly a quite strong wind on the island, it is known for its wind- and kitesurfing. It also has a lot of beaches for normal surf. The best groundswell you will find is from october until april, so that´s wintertime on Fuerte. But even then sometimes it can be flat. A wetsuit is recommended and also take a sweater, long pants and socks after Sunset surf, it can be chilly from December on.

Whenever the surf report says flat, the best chance you will get is the beach ´Esquinzo´. Esquinzo lays in a Canyon and is therefore very consistent with its waves. It has a beach break and is best surfable during low tide, or coming into low. Surfing there yesterday at 18:00 and this morning at 8:00 was great. Be aware that you do have to climb your way down into the canyon, so save a little of energy after surf to be climbing your way back up again.

Esquinzo you can reach through El Cotillo or you can take an exit before El Cotillo at El Roque. It will take you over a rocky sandy road. Follow the other cars or try to look for the way where people have been driving already. Go on your first time with someone who knows how to drive there, so you can see how the road goes. You won´t be the first to get lost! Be aware that Sunset surf here is lovely, because the beach is on the West coast, but also risky of finding your way back in the dark ;-)!