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Ready to improve your surf skills?! Join our surfskate courses!

If you want to improve in all different aspects of surfing, try our surfskate courses! Surfskating is a training method that helps surfers from all levels improve their surf technique. The skills acquired during the Surfskate courses can be used in the water when the waves are pumping!

Surfboards are flat with fins in the rear; a very simplistic design. The design of the board allows a surfer to rotate their upper body, pivoting off of the fins to make turns. A surfer can slide the board from left to right to pump and create speed. Normal skate or longboards have fixed trucks, and in combination with the hard pavement it does not exactly mimic the free-flowing, natural experience that surfers feel.

For years, skateboard shapers and designers have tried to develop a more natural board that feels similar to a surf or snowboard – and they succeeded! We now use these boards to improve our surf techniques in the water, let’s start shredding those pavements together!

You can request your skatesurf course through our contact form below!

2 Hours of surf skating for €45,-

We offer surfskate courses to beginners, intermediate, and advanced surf skaters! Our courses include:

  • All material needed
  • Transport to the spot
  • Water

We also rent out material for €10,- per day!